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New Jersey Scuba Diving
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NJ Historical Divers Assn
Investigating many of New Jersey's unidentified shipwrecks

Diversion II - Wreck Map
An excellent overview of the most popular NJ wrecks

Click Map for Aqua Explorers

This Is A GREAT Wreck List
Hoboken Dive Center website

Shipwreck Corner

Long Island Connection Wrecks List
I know that this is suppose to be NJ but this is a great list of wrecks.

Wahoo Wreck Map
& Other Goodies

Wreck Quick Finder
An index of shipwrecks

Shipwrecks Off Atlantic City
A very nice listing of wrecks

Brigantine Shipwrecks

Loran TDs for Shipwrecks
Selected Loran & Lat/Lon coordinates for shipwrecks & artificial reefs in the NJ - NY - LI area

NJ Artificial Reef Program

Capt. JT's Wreck Diving Site
"Your Guide to Great Wreck Diving along the East Coast"

Shipwrecks & Other Maritime Disasters

Shipwreck Database
International Registry of Sunken Ships

U-Boat Net
Submarine wrecks in US waters

Andrea Doria
Just one page of many about this famous wreck

Great Shipwrecks
Tragedies of Life & Legend

Lost Liners
Nice site

Stinch's Shipwreck Data
Shipwreck data, artifact preservation techniques, and experiences

RMS Titanic
Titanic info & links

Wrecks & Obstructions
Searchable Database

Artifact Conservation Techniques

Underwater Archaeology
A Guide to Underwater Archaeology Resources on the Internet

Want To Learn More About Shipwrecks?

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