Seasickness Remedies & Other Medical Info Concerning Scuba Diving

If you are like many divers, one of your main concerns about boat diving is the tendency to be boatsick or seasick. That was MY #1 problem when I first started diving 8+ years ago.

I have since gotten accustomed to the motion of the ocean but I take no chances and still medicate myself prior to boat diving.

What I have used with GREAT success has been Scopolamine gel. That's right. Gel. NOT patches. The TransdermScop patches work great for alot of people but I was unable to wear them due to an allergic reaction to the adhesive.

If you are unable to use the patches for the same reason, I highly recommend the gel. It's pricey but well worth it.

This is the only source that I know of to get the gel:

University Compounding Pharmacy

Listed below are other remedies and links to pages dealing with the problem of motion sickness.

Hope you are able to find some relief somewhere on this page.

Dive Safe & Often!


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