Scalloping / OUTLAW / Aug. 8, 2005

Heading out to the scallop grounds
Does NOT get any flatter than this!!

Bags o' scallops came up

Bill (Carl behind Bill), JT, Eddie H, Wes, Kevin, Doctor Bob
7 of the 14 POBs this day

Another overflowing blue barrel day!

Quietest time of the day...everyone's busy

Kevin's catch of the day - a 9.5 lb fluke

Waiting for the yell "POOL'S OPEN!"

Another day of jumbo scallops!

Scalloping / OUTLAW / Aug. 6, 2005

Brian & Vicky double teamed and came up with many pounds of scallops that cleaned out to almost 9 lbs of meats!!!

The vast majority of the scallops brought onboard were

Filled the blue barrel to overflowing...almost 2 blue barrels worth!!

A fine day of scalloping!!