Bend Over....Here It Comes Again
Courtesy of NJ101.5

Downloadable PDF

How to find your local representatives/legislators:

If you do not live in District 30 (all of the towns in District 30 are on the above PDF) and you do not know who your legislators or freeholders are, here's how you can find out the info:

Click this link to find your district and your district's representatives: http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/districts/municipalities.asp

Example: You live in Alpha (click Alpha). It shows that Alpha is in District 23. Click District 23 on the next page and that will take you to the list of your representatives.

For your county freeholders: Go to http://www.google.com and Google your county freeholders & then follow your nose (links).

Not sure where to cast your ballot? As long as you know your home address and the county that you live in then you can go to this website to find out EXACTLY where you go to vote:


I've done all that I can do to help you help yourself. Now circle the date on your calendar (Tuesday, Nov. 6th) and VOTE!

It's your future, it's your state but if you sit on your ass and do NOT vote then you deserve to get it up the ass courtesy of your elected (but not by you) state officials via higher taxes and fewer and fewer freedoms.