NJ Dive Boats

Belmar, NJ

Currently docked in Brielle, NJ

Gypsy Blood

Brielle, NJ

Deep Expeditions / Independence II

Clarks Landing Marina
Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Sub-Mission II

Brigantine, NJ

Sea Lion

Brielle, NJ

Ol' Salty II

Miss Atlantic City

Atlantic City, NJ

Barnegat Light, NJ

Sea Tiger
Barnegat Light, NJ

NJ Charter Boats / Book-A-Boat
Fishing & diving

Long Island Dive Boats
Long Island, NY

Eastern Dive Boat Association

Boating Terminology
This is for those who don't know their afts from their bowsprits

Here you will find information about Navigation Rules (International - Inland), COMDTINST M16672.2D, also known as the Rules of the Road or the Nav Rules

If you know of any shops, boats, clubs, or anything NJ scuba-related, could you please send me the links/URLs?


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