What exactly is the psychopath test? Are there really gender differences in psychopathy? In this episode, Caroline and Cristen explore the process of diagnosing psychopaths -- and whether your gender affects your chances of passing the psychopath test.

Listen to this podcast if looking for insight into the behavior of D.S.:


Sorry for the lag in the updates but this came in a couple of weeks ago: He's trolling the inlets.....spotted at the Shark River Inlet a couple of weeks ago trying to strike up conversations with the people there shore diving. No one wanted to have anything to do with him. They all have his number.

So be sure to lock up your vehicles when shore diving. He's out there sniffing around.

This update from just yesterday:

CHAPTER 7 - FAIL!!!!!!

Be sure to secure your possessions under lock and key (especially scuba related gear.....he's got a hard on for rebreathers) and activate the motion detecting night vision surveillance video cameras


VINELink 'how to':

Click on 'offenders' on the upper left hand side of the page

Under 'Select the Facility that you would like to search' click 'All Facilities'

Enter Last Name : Stilton

Enter First Name: Donald

No other info needed

And then click 'search' and it takes you to the results page.

NJ Dept of Corrections

Having a problem with DS??
The state has made it easy to contact the Parole Dept. Just click on the Parole Board image and follow the directions below:

Click on 'Offender Search'

Next page: click on 'I Agree'

Enter his name in the 'last name' box...no other info needed

Next page: click anywhere on the search result

Next page: click on 'Submit a Tip'....and you will get info boxes into which to enter your problem with this parolee.

State of NJ - State Parole Board - Government Records Request Form (downloadable PDF - 3 pages)

CLICK Criminal Search image


Primer on FREE Speech
Which DS Just Does Not GET!!!

Free speech is a fundamental right enjoyed by Americans under the First Amendment. But, free speech does not mean that every private group must let you speak. The rules that the NJ Scuba Divers Message Board imposes are perfectly legal due to the state action doctrine.

The First Amendment to the Constitution provides:
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

The most important part of the text for this discussion is �Congress shall make no law . . .�

The reason this is important is that the text does not read: �anybody in this country shall make no rule . . .�

The First Amendment, and all constitutional maxims, only apply to actions taken or enforced by the government, not private parties. This is generally known as the state action doctrine. So, before the First Amendment even comes into play, ___ would have to show that the government somehow enforced the rules that the NJ Scuba Divers Message Board created. It seems that the NJ Scuba Divers Message Board itself enforced their rules by removing the comments and videos that ___ posted. So, notions of constitutional free speech simply do not apply.

Turning to the issue of public forum, ___�s assertion that the NJ Scuba Divers Message Board has created a public forum is incorrect. In constitutional law, a �public forum� refers only to areas owned or operated by the government. A �traditional public forum� is public land that has been used as a traditional area to meet, protest and speak. Common examples include the areas outside courthouses, city halls or embassies. A �designated public forum� is one in which a governmental entity opens up its doors to the public for a limited time and purpose. A common example is a public school classroom. The members of the public are not always allowed to speak here, but the government might open up the classroom during a school board meeting for the purpose of discussion and debate.

However,these concepts do not apply because the NJ Scuba Divers Message Board is not the government. The website is free to create a speech forum and place restrictions on the content of the speech.

Even if free speech were implicated, it is important to note something that ___�s question misses: the NJ Scuba Divers Message Board�s right to free speech and association. By posting ___�s comments, the website might be seen as endorsing the substance of the comments. The NJ Scuba Divers Message Board has a right to limit the postings to messages that it wishes to disseminate. Just as the NJ Scuba Divers Message Board could not force ___ to post things on his/her website, ___ cannot force the NJ Scuba Divers Message Board to post his/her comments.

So, while some people visiting the NJ Scuba Divers Message Board might consider the website�s message biased or limited given that it censors out comments that are contrary to its views, it is well within its legal rights. It is a private entity that is free to publish almost anything it likes.

The above text was CC&P'ed [almost verbatim] from the Legal Lad podcast Free Speech Limitations - Episode 68: May 31, 2008. To listen to (& free to download) Legal Lad's Limitations to Free Speech podcast click HERE.

January 29, 2012:
D.S. has been very busy lately. CLICK HERE if you want to read about his latest idiotic escapades and please be sure to add your own experiences with dipshit. At this rate he should be back behind bars.....hopefully sooner rather than later.

May 16, 2010:

UPDATE as of Friday, April 23, 2010: D.S. is now calling and texting people that don't want anything to do with him and lying about who he is (this is NOT a new behavior). He's using at least a couple of aliases when making these calls. Email me for the particulars: modiver at earthlink.net.

He's trying to get on at least one dive boat that he has already been banned from.

When he is about, divers personal belongings and dive gear tend to disappear.
Rebreathers are at a particularly HIGH risk of vanishing

UPDATE as of April 13, 2010: D.S. was released per a court order. Wonder how long this stint with freedom will last. Not long I'm sure with his current level of activity.

UPDATE (posted here today, 2-22-10): approximately a month ago, according to the NJ Dept of Corrections website, his release date was scheduled for Aug. 28, 2010; it is now Oct. 17, 2010.

UPDATE as of Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 2009: Got the confirmation today (10-14-09) that states "Mr Stilton is currently held at The Ocean Co Jail on multiple charges."

UPDATE as of Friday, July 17th, 2009: I was made aware of the fact that D.S. is now searching for his next "contacts" on both MySpace and Facebook. Just do a search on those sites using Donald "Donnie" Stilton or using a combination of the name.


PS - Since DipShit has removed and/or changed his userID (you can run but you can't hide, you idiot) on both of the social networking sites I have made full content PDFs of both Stilton's MySpace and Facebook pages as well as his photos on Facebook. Contact me via email if you would like a copy of one or both of his pure BS profiles.


UPDATE as of June 25, 2009: I hear that DS is contacting local dive shops but no dive shop that I know of will have anything to do with D.S. They all have his number (000414011B in the NJ Dept of Corrections).

UPDATE as of July 11th, 2008:
Just heard from my attorney (who is a fellow diver) today and the civil lawsuit that D.S. tried to bring against me has ultimately failed. It was officially dismissed June 6th.

Stilton had wanted me to have to go into debt to defend myself but little did he know that I had an attorney in my pocket who was itching to take on the felon.....for FREE!!!! Yup....Stilton spent what little money he had to try and sue me and he lost.

CLICK --> to see the official court-issued Dismissal Paperwork (PDF)

A dismissal with prejudice = meaning that the issues are decided and it can never be filed again.

If you would like to read about why Stilton is incarcerated so often you can read the original text of the Asbury Park Press articles by clicking on the links below. They are in PDF format:

Man gives back STOLEN goods for refunds!!!

Trying to run


Pleads guilty....

Keep in mind that the above is just ONE chapter in his long criminal career.

A primer for dealing with D.S.:

Liar, Liar

"I am not a crook. That dress looks great on you." Some lies have bigger consequences than others, but at some point, we've probably all told one. In fact, according to a Cornell University study, people lie in roughly 25 percent of their daily interactions. How can you tell if someone's trying to deceive you or if they're telling the truth? Here, we pinpoint a few common signs:

One of the easiest, and most reliable, ways to catch a liar is to identify inconsistencies in their story details that just don't jive with common sense, prevailing logic, or societal norms. For example, if your date claims he's as rich as Bill Gates but drives a Hyundai, you can bet he's telling a tall tale.

Eye contact.
When it comes to lying, the eyes can be a dead giveaway. Generally, liars avoid eye contact, but if you're dealing with a seasoned fabricator, he or she might stare excessively. In addition, most people's pupils dilate when they're lying because their adrenaline rises. According to an FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, liars may also blink rapidly or close their eyes for slightly prolonged periods in an attempt to block out auditory or visual stimuli.

As they weave their tales of deceit, liars typically forget a few details along the way and reveal some telling contradictions. For example, if a friend backed out of your weekend plans because she supposedly had a life-threatening illness and later described the weekend as "wonderful," consider it a red flag.

Stammering or scrambling.
The majority of liars, especially under questioning, will utter a lot of nervous ahhs, umms, and wells in an effort to buy time and save face. When confronted with particularly tough questions, they may also scramble for flimsy rationales and far-fetched excuses to reinforce the lie.

get this gear!

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